Why I Run

Das hier wird meinen inneren Schweinehund nun hoffentlich zum Schweigen bringen! Very inspiring! THX!


Last weekend while driving home from the LA Marathon, Toran made a request. He asked me to run the San Diego Marathon with him in May. I said yes without hesitation, how could I possibly say no? So this week while on our morning runs I actually tried to push myself instead of halfassing it as I had been doing for the past few weeks.

In 2013, while running, I broke two bones in my foot. One was an offset break. My doctor wanted to do surgery, but I opted for the slow heal process and spent almost an entire year in four back-to-back non-weight bearing casts. Shortly after coming out of the last cast I began to run again. Running has never been the same for me since the break and over the past year I have started a running routine and ended said running routine multiple times. Each…

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